Microwave Popcorn Gift Bowl Set
Microwave Popcorn Gift Bowl Set
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Microwave Popcorn Bowls
Unknown to many people, all popcorn can be popped in the microwave. The question then is how do we get this done? Well, one way is to throw it into the microwave and zap it; the popcorn will pop, and watching it pop might be fun. But popping the popcorn that way makes a mess. The best way is to buy one of our Microwave Popcorn Bowls!
With our Microwave Popcorn Bowl you have several options. You can pop your popcorn with or without oil. You can choose the type of oil that you want. You can also choose any Amish Country Popcorn you want to pop. It all becomes Microwave Popcorn! You're not stuck with just "the bag" anymore! Give us a try!