The peach is one of the most popular of homegrown fruit and though we at Smallwood’s Harvest do not carry every variety listed here we thought you might enjoy the extra information in case you run across other varieties in your travels.

Very Early Varieties

Desert Gold - This medium-sized, round fruit has yellow skin with a red blush.  The flesh is yellow, firm, and semi freestone. Origin: California

Springtime - The small to medium-sized fruit has yellow skin with a high blush and abundant short fuzz.  The flesh is white and semi freestone.  Origin: California

Tejon - The medium-sized fruit is yellow with a red blush over half its surface; light fuzz.  The yellow flesh is semi freestone.

Early Varieties

Fairhaven  - This large peach is bright yellow with an attractive red cheek and light fuzz.  The firm freestone flesh is yellow with red at the pit.  The fruit freezes well. Origin: Michigan.

Flavorcrest - Large, firm, yellow freestone with good flavor, its skin is blushed red.  Origin: California

Garnet Beauty - This variety is an early sport of ‘Redhaven’.  Medium to large semi freestone fruit.  The firm flesh is yellow streaked with red and is slightly fibrous.  Origin: Ontario, Canada 

Golden Jubilee - An old standby, this medium to large freestone has skin mottled bright red.  The flesh is yellow, firm, and coarse. Origin: New Jersey 

Redhaven - One of the finest early peaches, this medium-sized freestone is widely recommended.  The skin is deep red over a yellow ground.  The flesh is yellow, firm, and non-browning.  Fruit sets heavily and is good for freezing.  Origin: Michigan

Note:  Early Redhaven’ is nearly identical, but two weeks earlier.

Redtop - The large fruit is nearly covered with an attractive blush and light fuzz.  The yellow freestone flesh is unusually firm and good for canning or freezing. Origin: California

Reliance - The large freestone fruit has dark red skin over a yellow background.  The flesh is bright yellow, medium firm, and slightly stringy.  Origin: New Hampshire.

Springcrest - This is a medium-sized, flavorful, yellow freestone variety.  The fruit matures in late May.  Origin: California

Sunhaven - The skin of this medium to large peach is bright red over a golden ground and has short, soft fuzz.  The firm, fine-textured, and nonbrowning flesh is yellow flecked with red.  Origin: Michigan

Ventura - The fruit has yellow skin with a red blush, good flavor, and firm flesh.  Freestone.  Origin: California

Veteran - This medium to large fruit is yellow splashed with red and has medium fuzz.  The nearly freestone flesh is yellow and soft.  Origin: Ontario, Canada

Midseason Varieties

Babcock - This small to medium-sized fruit is light pink blushed red with little fuzz.  The skin peels easily.  The white flesh is red near the pit, tender, juicy and has a mild flavor.  Origin: California

Early Elberta - This large freestone matures 3 to 10 days before ‘Elberta’.  The flesh is yellow and is of better flavor than ‘Elberta’.  It is good for canning and freezing.  Origin: Utah.

J.H. Hale - The skin of this extra large freestone is deep crimson over a yellow background and nearly fuzz less.  The flesh is golden yellow and firm.  Origin: Connecticut.

July Elberta - The medium-sized fruit is greenish yellow blushed and streaked with dull red and very fuzzy.  The yellow flesh is of high quality.  Origin: California

Loring - This medium-sized freestone has a slight fuzz and is blushed red over a yellow ground.  The flesh is yellow firm, and medium textured.  Origin: Missouri

Suncrest - This firm, large freestone has a red blush over yellow skin. Origin: California

Late Varieties

Belle of Georgia - The skin of this outstanding white peach is red blushed over creamy white.  The flesh is white and firm, has excellent flavor, and is fair for freezing but poor for canning.  Origin: Georgia

Blake - This large freestone has red, slightly fuzzy skin.  The flesh is yellow and firm.  It is good for freezing and excellent for canning.  Origin: New Jersey

Cresthaven - The skin of this medium to large freestone is bright red over a gold ground and almost fuzzless.  The flesh is yellow and nonbrowning.  It is good for canning and freezing.  Origin: Michigan

Elberta - This large freestone is the old favorite for a midseason crop.  The skin is red blushed over a deep golden yellow. Origin: Georgia

Fay Elberta - In California this ranks as the most popular all-purpose freestone peach.  It equals ‘Elberta’ for eating fresh, cooking, and canning, and excels it for freezing.  The color is yellow heavily blushed with red. Origin: California

Madison - The skin of this medium-sized freestone fruit is bright red over a bright orange-yellow ground.  The flesh is orange-yellow, very firm, and fine in texture. Origin: Virginia

Raritan Rose - Delicious white-fleshed freestone peaches!  The skin is red. Origin: New Jersey

Redskin - This popular peach ripens after ‘Elberta’. It has good red color and handles well.  It is excellent for freezing, canning, and eating fresh. Origin: Maryland

Rio Oso Gem - The skin of this large freestone is red over a yellow ground; the flesh is yellow, firm, fine in texture, and nonbrowning.  It is good both fresh and for freezing. Origin: California

Sunhigh - This is a very good medium to large freestone.  The skin is bright red over a yellow ground. The flesh is yellow and firm. Origin: New Jersey.