Admission Price

Petting Zoo & Prop Maze 
One entry fee gets you into both of these activities for as long as you choose during your visit.

0 to 1 Free
2 to 4 $1.00
5 and Older $2.00
The Petting Zoo at Smallwood's Harvest is home to dozens of well cared for and much loved animals.  While we are happy to share our animals with your family during your visit, please understand that our animals are truly part of the family.  We are adamant that all the animals are treated with caution and care by visitors - this is for your safety as well as the animals.  

We invite you to feed the animals from coin-operated feed dispensers, or the bags of grain we sell inside the store ($1.00 per bag).  Feeding the animals anything other than designated feed is strictly prohibited.  Please feed animals with extreme caution and do so at your own risk.