The nectarine is simply a fuzzless peach.  Peach trees sometimes produce nectarines as sports, and nectarine trees will produce fuzzy peach sports.

Early Varieties

Earliblaze - This is a medium-sized, clingstone, yellow fleshed fruit that ripens ahead of the ‘Redhaven’ peach.  It has red skin and a prominent suture (seam down the length of the fruit). Origin: California

Independence - This medium-sized, oval fruit has brilliant cherry-red skin.  The free-stone flesh is yellow and firm.  Origin: California

Pocahontas - The medium to large oval fruit is bright red.  The semi freestone flesh is yellow, slightly stringy, and of good quality. Origin: Virginia

Silver Lode - The skin of this fruit is red. The freestone flesh is white and sweet and of good texture. Origin: California

Sungold - This medium-sized freestone has red skin and firm yellow flesh. Origin: Florida

Sunred -I t is a small yellow-fleshed clingstone with red skin. Origin: Florida