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Apricot SupremeApricot Supreme
This outstanding delicate wine, drier than most fruit wines, fresh and natural when the juice of fully ripe apricots are in perfect balance with a blend of quality white wine. The juicy yellow-orange peachlike fruit is great with poultry, and many seafood dishes. It is also used with lunches, pasta salads, fruit plates, or cheese and crackers.
Black ForestBlack Forest
Black Forest represents the ideal finish for every great evening. The combination of chocolate and cherry will unleash an explosive flavor that cannot be ignored. Compliment your taste buds with the classic flavor of Chocolate and Cherry blended with Pinot Noir. Cheers!
An Oregon Favorite! We use only the Marionberry Blackberry which has proven itself to be extremely well adapted to Oregon’s climate. Good size, bright black in color, but it is the flavor that made them a hit. Less acidic than other blackberry varieties the Marion’s flavor is more acceptable and therefore has grown in popularity. Almost 2/3rds of all Blackberries grown in Oregon are now Marions. The wine produces a lighter juice than you might expect, smooth, very mellow and extremely good tasting. This is on outstanding Premium Fruit Wine.
The flavor of fresh blackberries perfectly balanced with a spiced blend of quality hard apple cider, in Honeywood's special recipe, combining to create a full-textured wine with a wonderful flavor and aroma that is a unique and refreshing treat. As an aperitif before dinner or after as dessert, it's a great wine for todays' lifestyles. The cider is made with the best grown apples in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington).
Blueberry SupremeBlueberry SupremeDon't be blue...Blueberry Supreme is a light blend of Blueberry & Riesling to make a sweet, fruity wine, with a touch of tartness.
Boysenberry is a cross between a loganberry, a raspberry and the pacific blackberry. This is a fabulous wine that goes well with white cheddar cheese, chocolate or as a stand alone drink.  Just another fabulous berry wine from Honeywood Winery.
This cherry wine is a spring time treat that goes well with just about any meal. The taste of bing cherries will entertain your mouth and delight the senses.
Cranberry SupremeCranberry Supreme
Honeywood's special recipe of Cranberry in perfect balance with a blend of quality Riesling. Just the right amount of tartness and sweetness, for a refreshing and flavorful treat. Great for holiday fare, it is also used for light lunches, dinners, salads, fruit plates, picnic lunches, in short, a wine for today's lifestyle.
Golden PineappleGolden Pineapple
Honeywood's special recipe of Hawaiian Pineapple blended with wonderful Riesling makes a island treat. This table wine has just the right amount of tartness, and tropical sweetness for a refreshing and flavorful wine.  Since the Pineapple is the symbol for Hospitality share it with your friends.  Pineapple makes a great  gift for a hostess, welcome to the neighborhood, new home, and much more.
Hard Apple CiderHard Apple Cider
Nothing says autumn like Apples!  There's bobbing for apples, an apple for your teacher, and of course apple pie.   Honeywood's Hard Apple Cider is made from Pacific Northwest Apples, the best grown in Washington and Oregon, specially blended into a great Hard Cider. Rich, clean, fresh and fruity, and very flavorful. Can be served heated...add a cinnamon stick or other spices.
Holiday CheerHoliday Cheer
A Christmas Miracle!  Fresh Cranberries blended with Riesling, Orange Peel, and Cloves.  Serve Cold or Heated as a mulled wine.  This wine will warm your winter nights and bring cheer to your holiday entertainment.
Honeysuckle PeachHoneysuckle Peach
The most complex wine we have ever produced.  Peach Juice and Riesling fermented together, then softened and sweetened with White Clover Honey, and then nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon are added.  This wine can be described in just on word…Yummy! Serve chilled or heated, it is great either way.

Honeywood's Loganberry Wine is fresh and fruity. A Loganberry is a cross between a Blackberry and a Raspberry, making Loganberry sweet, smooth, and pleasantly tart. Great for a dessert or a fun sipping wine.
An Oregon Classic! Honeywood's Marionberry wine is like eating fresh Marionberries off the bush. Your tastebuds will come alive as you sip our delicious real berry wine. Our Marionberry Wine is truly a refreshing treat. A wonderful way to enjoy a Taste of Oregon. Great as a dessert wine or a fun social sipping wine.
Peach SupremePeach Supreme
Fresh Peaches blended with Riesling perfectly balanced to create a full-textured wine with a wonderful flavor and aroma that is a refreshing treat.
Nice Pear!  Oregon Pear Wine is one of our best sellers we like to refer to it as Oregon in a Glass! It has a true bartlett pear taste and is the perfect summertime treat. Our Pear Wine received a GOLD MEDAL at the 2008 Astoria Seafood and Wine Festival. From the casks of Honeywood come the fruit and berry wines that are as varied in character as fine varietal wines.
This is just "plum" good!  Honeywood Plum Wine is made from the marvelous Italian Plum, thought by many to be the tastiest of Plums. The wine is used with oriental dishes of all kind. It goes well with stir fry and duck. Good sipping all by itself, and like most tree fruit, not complex. It gives you the full flavor of succulent plums.
Pomegranate SupremePomegranate Supreme
Combine a pleasant white table wine with the bright red fruit of pomegranate. Pomegranate Supreme is exceptional with salads, fruit salads, and almost any light meal. The most common variety of pomegranate is "Wonderful".
Razzmatazz!  With this raspberry wine we use approximately seven pounds to the gallon for a premium wine that tastes just like fresh raspberries.  This wine offers a touch of tartness and traditional berry flavor for a great wine experience.
The crimson Rhubarb grows prolifically in the Pacific Northwest and ripens well in the late spring and early summer.  As hard as it is to describe Rhubarb…sort of sweet, sort of sour…etc. it is not hard to describe the ensuing wine.  When Rhubarb is made like Honeywood makes it…it is the natural flavor of the rhubarb, fruity, tasty, sort of tangy…but softer and smoother than you would normally think.
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