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Klein Foods Amaretto Honey CremeKlein Foods Amaretto Honey Creme
Klein's Amaretto Honey Creme is infused with the sweet taste of almond liqueur.  Indulge your inner gourmet and add a spoonful to your morning coffee or hot chocolate.
Klein Foods Cinnamon Honey
Klein Foods Hazelnut Honey CremeKlein Foods Hazelnut Honey Creme
This honey creme is full of sweet, nutty flavor.  Drizzle it over rich cheesecake.
Klein Foods Honey Apple SpiceKlein Foods Honey Apple Spice
Honey Apple Spice has the mouth-watering taste and aroma of a homemade apple pie.  It's heart-warming flavor is a great compliment to oatmeal and other hot cereals
Klein Foods Honey ApricotKlein Foods Honey Apricot
Sweet, plump and slightly tart apricots are the star in this delicious Honey Apricot.  
Try it as a glaze over baked ham for an elegant and easy meal.
Klein Foods Honey Blueberry DelightKlein Foods Honey Blueberry Delight
Bring the goodness of just-picked blueberries to your kitchen all year-round with Blueberry Delight Homey Creme.
Apread it on english muffins for a special breakfast treat.
Klein Foods Huckleberry Honey CremeKlein Foods Huckleberry Honey Creme
Capture the sweet and tart taste of wild huckleberries.
This Huckleberry Honey Creme is great with old fashioned vanilla ice cream.
Klein Foods Raspberry Classic Honey CremeKlein Foods Raspberry Classic Honey Creme
Full of sun-sweetened raspbery flavor, Raspberry Classic Honey Creme is refreshing and tasty choice. 
It's scrumptious when warmed and spooned over french toast or waffles.
Klein Foods Rum Raisin Honey CremeKlein Foods Rum Raisin Honey Creme
The plump raisins and splash of bold rum flavor found in this Rum Raisin Honey Creme makes it a delicious treat to savor.  Use this spread as a dip for fruit or eat straight out of the jar for a mouth-watering gourmet treat.
Klein Foods Vanilla Nut Honey CremeKlein Foods Vanilla Nut Honey Creme
Vanilla Nut Honey Creme brings together the heart-warming flavors of vanilla and walnuts.

Use it to add a layer of richness to gingersnap cookies or scones.