Killian Korn

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Killian Korn "Original" - Almond, Coconut & PecanKillian Korn "Original" - Almond, Coconut & PecanA scrumtuous blend of select nuts, ribbon coconut and premium popcorn wrapped in a sweet butter glaze.
11 oz
Killian Korn "The Original" Sugar FreeKillian Korn "The Original" Sugar Free"The Original" Sugar Free 5.5 oz

A delicious blend made with our premium popcorn covered in a sugar-free vanilla glaze, chip coconut, almonds, and pecans.
Killian Korn Caramel AlmondKillian Korn Caramel AlmondCaramel Almond - 11 oz

Originally made for Starbucks, this blend of premium caramel popcorn and whole almonds will tantalize your senses.
Killian Korn Caramel AppleKillian Korn Caramel AppleCaramel Apple - 10 oz
Not just for Halloween, this blend of green apple and premium caramel popcorn is great for a harvest party or just a snappy snack.
Killian Korn Honey CashewKillian Korn Honey CashewHoney Cashew - 11 oz

This gourmet concoction combines our sweet butter glaze with farm fresh honey and large whole cashews.
Killian Korn HuckleberryKillian Korn HuckleberryHuckleberry - 10 oz
This yummy delight is bursting with huckleberry flavor.  If you like flavored popcorn you will love this!
Killian Korn Huckleberry Sugar FreeKillian Korn Huckleberry Sugar FreeHuckleberry Sugar Free - 5 oz.

Sugar Free Huckleberry
Killian Korn MacadamiaKillian Korn MacadamiaA yummy sweet butter glazed popcorn treat with nuts and natural chip coconut.  11 oz
Killian Korn Vanilla CoconutKillian Korn Vanilla CoconutVanilla Coconut - 10 oz

A delicious blend made with our premium popcorn covered in a vanilla glaze with natural chip coconut without nuts.