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Elki Artichoke Brushetta 12 ozELKI ARTICHOKE BRUSCHETTA 12 OZ

Mild, fresh, and fragrant.
An outstanding base for the quintessential warm party dip.
Succulent, mellow artichokes are highlighted by a creative blend of fresh garlic, herbs, and spices. This aromatic spread and dip brings you a smooth, mild flavor and meaty with a jar full of large, tender pieces of marinated artichokes. Mix with freshly grated Parmesan, Romano, or Asiago cheese for the best artichoke-cheese dip your guest will ever enjoy. For an incredible and easy warm spinach and artichoke dip recipe, bake Elki’s Artichoke Bruschetta Spread and Dip with chopped spinach (frozen, thawed and drained, or fresh) and finely shredded Parmesan cheese. Serve with flatbread, crostinis, or Elki’s crispy crackers for a crowd-pleasing appetizer.
Elki Artichoke Garlic Whipped Mustard Spread & Dip 11.5 ozELKI ARTICHOKE GARLIC WHIPPED MUSTARD SPREAD & DIP 11.5 OZ

This special and flavorful whipped mustard is packed full of tasty artichoke pieces, roasted garlic and red peppers.
Suggested Uses: Spread on grilled fish, beef skewers, a panini sandwich with roast turkey and camembert cheese. Mix with mashed potatoes topped with crumbled bacon. Use as a dip for grilled chicken, pretzels, chips, oven roasted pita slices, chilled vegetables or a wrap.
Elki Artichoke Lemon Pesto 10 ozELKI ARTICHOKE LEMON PESTO 10 OZ

Sunny and fresh, a delightful combination of flavors.
A pesto spread with endless possibilities.
A jarful of juicy, mellow artichoke pieces and the bright, tangy flavor of fresh lemons makes this Italian-inspired spread a perfect choice to bring the sunny Mediterranean home. Fresh garlic and salty Asiago cheese round out this gourmet pesto, making it an excellent pairing with potluck pastas, baked chicken, and broiled fish. Elki’s Artichoke Lemon Pesto is also a great dip or topping for crisp, buttery crackers and crunchy baguette slices
Elki Artichoke Piquillo Bruschetta 12 ozARTICHOKE PIQUILLO BRUSCHETTA 9.9 OZ

Tender artichokes get a piquant pairing.
Rich, hearty texture and mild heat.
Tangy, bright piquillo peppers add a spicy bite to mild sun ripened artichokes in this unique spread and dip from Elki’s line of incredible bruschettas. The special blend of spices and thick, juicy texture found in Elki’s Artichoke Piquillo Bruschetta make it a tasty dip and spread to enjoy with grilled meats and seafood, tossed with hot or cold pasta for a gourmet pasta salad, or heated for a warm artichoke dip with a little zing!
Elki Artichoke Tomato Bruschetta 12 ozElki Artichoke Tomato Bruschetta 12 ozELKI ARTICHOKE TOMATO BRUSCHETTA 12 OZ

A light and refreshing bruschetta, even straight from the jar.
Perfect for pasta salads or antipasti platters.
Tender, juicy artichokes, complimented by sun-ripened tomatoes and sweet red and yellow peppers, give this brushetta a refined balance. Hints of asiago cheese and a select blend of spices make Elki’s Artichoke Tomato Bruschetta a perfect choice for summertime barbecues. Or, bring the sunny flavors of the Mediterranean indoors by topping your broiled fish or fresh pasta with a dollop of this delightful treat.
Elki Asparagus Asiago Bruschetta 12 ozASPARAGUS ASIAGO BRUSCHETTA 12 OZ

A unique combination of sweet and salty.
Mouthwatering sun-ripened asparagus.
Asiago cheese adds a perfect flavor to sweet, sun-ripened asparagus in this specialty spread and dip. Elki’s Asparagus Bruschetta Spread and Dip is a superior choice for easy gourmet appetizers. Great with crispy, savory crackers, homemade pizza, or as a filling and topping for handmade raviolis, you’re sure to find a world of uses for a spread and dip as refreshing as this! Add Asparagus Asiago Bruschetta to gift baskets with other excellent selections from Elki’s collection of delicious crackers, dips, pestos, and more.
Elki Bacon Blue Cheese Whipped Mustard Spread & Dip 11.5 ozELKI BACON BLUE CHEESE WHIPPED MUSTARD SPREAD & DIP 11.5 OZ

It doesn’t get much better than the robust combination of bacon and blue cheese, especially when combined in a whipped mustard.
Suggested Uses: Spread on a grilled burger or panini with smoked turkey, and caramelized onions. Spread on flat bread & top with sliced brie, pears & drizzle with honey. Use as a dip for chilled vegetables, pretzels, chips, hot wings or fries.
Elki Basil Pesto 10 ozELKI BASIL PESTO 10 OZ

A classic Mediterranean treat.
Uniquely nut-free and full of flavor.
Fresh, aromatic basil, garlic and both Parmesan and Romano cheeses make this a delightfully flavorful gourmet pesto. Unlike a traditional pesto, which contains pine nuts in its list of ingredients, Elki brings you a nut-free pesto blend that has an amazingly robust flavor and incredible texture thanks to its combination of coarsely grated cheeses. Nutty Parmesan cheese and salty, sharp Romano cheese help give this unique gourmet pesto a mouthful of intense flavor. Use Elki’s Basil Pesto as a condiment on paninis and sandwiches, a cracker or bread dip for entertaining, or an incredible seasoning for vegetables, fish, and meats.
Elki Black Olive Tapenade 10 ozELKI PESTO/TAPENADE 10 OZ

A cut above the rest, with hearty pieces of imported olives and Mediterranean vegetables.
Fragrant and flavorful, an excellent gourmet spread for myriad of uses.
Elki’s 100% all-natural Black Olive Tapenade recipe is a full of flavor and texture, making it a perfect addition to any appetizer plate, grilled fish or meat, or vegetarian entrée. Flame roasted red peppers, zucchini and capers, rounded out by an unexpected hint of Dijon mustard and aged Balsamic vinegar, help make it a unique and complex blend of bright and salty, rich and savory flavors. This is a gourmet condiment you do not want to miss out on!
Elki Caramelized Onion Whipped Mustard Spread & Dip 11.5 ozELKI CARAMELIZED ONION WHIPPPED MUSTARD SPREAD & DIP 11.5 OZ

Grilled caramelized sweet onions blended with creamy whipped mustard makes this a tantalizing multi-purpose spread.
Suggested Uses: Spice up a French dip sandwich or panini topped with smoked turkey & raspberry preserves or use as a baked potato topping. Spread on grilled seafood or use in place of tarter sauce or mayo. Use as a dip for chips, chilled vegetables, pretzels or steamed artichokes.
Elki Cilantro Pesto 10 ozELKI CILANTRO PESTO 10 OZ

A lighter take on a Mediterranean favorite.
Fresh, bright cilantro balances a specialty nut-free pesto.
Unlike a traditional pesto, which contains pine nuts in its list of ingredients, Elki brings you a nut-free pesto blend that has a surprisingly fresh flavor and incredible texture thanks to its use of cilantro and spinach in place of the standard basil. Coarsely grated Parmesan cheese lends this gourmet pesto a mellow, nutty finish. Try Elki’s Cilantro Pesto as a sauce for homemade pizza or grilled shrimp, or as a topping with crisp crackers and cool, cream cheese.
Elki Cream Cheese Spreadable Dips 11.5 ozELKI CREAM CHEESE SPREADABLE DIP 11.5 OZ

This elegant spreadable cheese dip is creamy, mild and versatile for gourmet snacking and entertaining!
Suggested uses: Spread on an Elki cracker, in a panini or bagel with roasted turkey and Elki's Lingonberry Preserve. Scoop in a baked potato. Use as a pasta sauce with grilled chicken and pine nuts. Party Appetizer: Chill for an hour, scoop into a bowl, create a dome shape, top with Elki's Apricot Preserves, dried cranberries, honey, and thyme. Enjoy!

Recipes & More!
1. 1 jar Elki's Cucumber Garlic Cream Cheese Dip
2. chopped nuts
3. fresh parsley
Chill Elki's Cucumber Garlic Cream Cheese Dip in the refrigerator for about an hour.
Take dip out of refrigerator and scoop into bowl and create a dome shape.
Elki Cucumber Wasabi Dip 10.75 ozELKI CUCUMBER WASABI DIP 10.75 OZ

Fresh, smooth, and vibrant.
A creative compliment to sushi, vegetables, or beef.
Cool, crisp cucumbers meet the sharp, bright heat of wasabi (Japanese horseradish) in this innovative dip and spread that is sure to add interest to your everyday snack. This crisp, lively dip and spread lends enough of a wasabi kick to enhance your next sushi roll or sashimi platter, but is smooth and light enough to use as a dip for fresh or steamed vegetables. Elki’s Cucumber Wasabi dip and spread is also excellent used as a condiment on gourmet burgers!
Elki Green Olive Tapenade 10 ozELKI GREEN OLIVE TAPENADE 10 OZ

Mediterranean vegetables, imported olives, and spices.
Hearty texture and robust flavor.
Imported green olives, flame roasted red peppers, tomatoes, onions, fresh garlic and basil, and a touch of Dijon mustard – Elki’s Green Olive Tapenade is miles ahead of other tapenades you’ll find on the market. The beautiful, bold combination of sunny warm flavors and hearty texture make it an exciting addition to simple cheese and crackers and a fabulous filling for baked or grilled meats. This 100% all-natural tapenade also makes a wonderful gift.

Elki Maple Bacon Whipped Mustard Spread & Dip 11.5 ozELKI MAPLE BACON WHIPPED MUSTARD SPREAD & DIP 11.5 OZ

A true specialty...this is the ultimate blend of sweet maple and smoky bacon wrapped into whipped mustard.
Suggested Uses: Spread on a toasted bagel with honey glazed ham, roasted turkey, Lingonberry (or any berry) preserve and Havarti cheese. Use as a dip for grilled sausage or a club sandwich. Spread on a grilled burger with spicy jack cheese, and crispy bacon strips.
Elki Mediterranean Feta Cream Cheese Spreadable Dip 11.5 ozELKI MEDITERRANEAN FETA CREAM CHEESE SPREADABLE DIP 11.5 OZ

Savor the flavors of the Mediterranean with this robust, creamy dip!
Suggested uses: Mix with penne pasta, grilled chicken, kalamata olives, and sundried tomatoes. Spread in a panini, on a bagel, over seafood or let it melt over chargrilled steak. Use as a dip for pretzels, pita and bagel chips, and vegetables. Party Appetizer: Chill for an hour, scoop into a bowl, create a dome shape and top with sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, and fresh parsley! Enjoy!
Elki Piquillo Jalapeno Bruschetta 9.9 oz

Deliciously bright and spicy.
An irresistible blend of tangy heat for Southwest flavor.
With a noticeable kick of that unmistakable jalapeno heat, this tangy, piquant spread and dip packs just enough punch to lend your next Mexican-inspired meal or Southwestern appetizer the heat to keep family and friends coming back for more. Elki’s Piquillo Jalapeno Bruschetta is a spread and dip that’s mouth-wateringly sweet and spicy in one bite. Enjoy this bruschetta as a spicy gourmet chip dip or flavorful stuffing for baked chicken or rolled flank steak.
Elki Small Garlic Crackers 2.2 ozELKI SMALL GARLIC CRACKERS 2.2 OZ

Gourmet garlic herb crackers are a delicious thin and crisp treat, right from the box or perfect served with hors d'oeuvres. These crackers have been praised for their natural flavor and crisp texture. Top with Elki's all natural tapenade or bruschetta, your favorite cheese or spread. The 2.2oz size is perfect for adding to your gift baskets or taking along with you to work or school for lunch.
Elki Small Onion Crackers 2.2 oz
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