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Montmorency Red Cherry CurdMontmorency Red Cherry Curd
Red Raspberry CurdRed Raspberry Curd
Red Raspberry Curd
Raspberry curd is a rich, tart spread made with ripe raspberries. It can be spread on scones, toast, and other foods, and it may also be used as a filling for desserts such as cookies, tarts, and pies.

Content Information
Sodium: Low
Cholesterol: Yes
Trans Fat: No
Saturated Fat: Low
Sugar: Yes
Fibre: No
Vegan Suitable: No
Octo/Lacto Suitable: No

Sticky Fingers Bakeries Lemon CurdSticky Fingers Bakeries Lemon Curd
Our all natural lemon curd adds a tart-sweet note to baked goods, fresh fruit and scones. Smooth, thick and deliciously versatile.