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Ellbee's Asian Ginger 8 ozEllbee's Asian Ginger 8 oz
Asian Ginger 8oz
For Asian food lovers, it doesn't get any better than this! Fresh ginger and garlic, with a hint of lemon grass and other herbs that will infuse every meal with flavors that rival those of the best Asian chefs.
Ellbee's Chili Lime 8 ozEllbee's Chili Lime 8 oz
Chili Lime 8oz
Tangy lime provides just the right balance for the mild chili pepppers and garlic in this versitile, robust wet rub. Fantastic for burgers, salsa, ethnic dishes, dressings, sauces and dips. We love it in tacos!
Ellbee's Lemon Citrus 8 ozEllbee's Lemon Citrus 8 oz
Lemon Citrus 8 oz
Not your basic lemon pepper. Our unique blend of fresh garlic and herbs rounded out with just the right amount of citrus will have your mouth watering. Great on chicken, fish, seafood, pork tenderloin, chops, green beans and makes a tasty salad dressing.
Ellbee's Original 8 ozEllbee's Original 8 oz
Ellbee's Original 8 oz
Our #1 seller! Packed full of garlic and just the right blend of peppers for the perfect match to any steak, side dish, and don't forget it makes the most amazing garlic bread!
Ellbee's Try-me 4pk 2 ozEllbee's Try-me 4pk 2 oz
Try-me 4pk Griller's Choice 2 oz
Makes a great gift! A great way to explore our Griller's Choice collection flavors: Chili Lime, Asian Ginger, Chipolte Herb, and Sweet & Smokey. We're sending home some great recipe ideas to get you started cooking easy and delicious meats, side dishes, and dips. Try all four and come back for more!
Ellbee's Tucsan 8 ozEllbee's Tucsan 8 oz
Tucsan 8 oz
Created for pasta and potato dishes, this robust blend of garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs will delight your guests. Makes a great fresh dip for vegetables, chips, and don't forget to try it on top of your next baked potato.
Ellbee's Zesty 8 ozEllbee's Zesty 8 oz
Zesty 8 oz
Our Zesty has all the heat with some serious attitude. Zesty has great flavor first and then about 8 seconds you get the heat! Makes great brisket, ribs, pork steaks, chili and always amazes people with the Zesty Garlic Bread!
Tom Douglas African Peri Peri Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas African Peri Peri Rub 3.5 ozTry this African-inspired blend of citrus, salt, garlic and spice with a discreet blast of red chili on roasted or grilled chicken for an unbeatable flavor combo.  "Rub With Love" Peri Peri also tastes great on broiled, roasted, or grilled fish, pork chops, lamb or mushrooms --anywhere you're looking for a lively dash of spice with the bright tang of lemon.
Tom Douglas Bengal Masala Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas Bengal Masala Rub 3.5 ozThis exotic mix of Indian spices adds flavor to lamb, chicken, beef, seafood and veggies.

Net weight = 3.5 oz

Ingredients: Garam masala (cinnamon, cumin, coriander, black pepper cloves, cardamom), brown sugar, kosher salt, garlic, chives, smoked paprika, chipotle.
Tom Douglas Chicken Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas Chicken Rub 3.5 ozA fragrant Country-Mexican blend with hints of star anise, cinnamon, coriander and Ancho chili.  Use it for roasting or grilling whole or pieced chicken, turkey, rabbit or seafood.
Tom Douglas Chinese 12 Spice Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas Chinese 12 Spice Rub 3.5 ozThis delicious Asian rub contains a bazaar full of exotic spices - fennel, cardamom, star anise, and sumac.  Perfect when rubbed on pork, hicken, duck or spare ribs.
Tom Douglas Pork Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas Pork Rub 3.5 ozLow and slow is the name of the game here.  This Southwest rub is accented by cumin and coriander, just a touch of cayenne and balanced by New Mexican chilies.  Delicious rubbed on anything form chicken and duck to pork ribs and shrimp.
Tom Douglas Roast Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas Roast Rub 3.5 ozTry this lusty, full flavored blend of whole coriander, fennel and mustard seeds, cracked rosemary and extra-coarse sea salt accented with onion and garlic.  It gives any roast a distinctive savory spice crust.  Try it on a standing rib roast, chuck roast, leg of lamb, pork roast or even meat loaf. 
Tom Douglas Rub Crab Cake MixTom Douglas Rub Crab Cake MixIt's easy to make perfect crab cakes at home! This crab cake mix rounds out the sweetness of crab meat with the fragrance of celery seed and dill plus the tang of mustard and chipotle. It's also great in your crab or shrimp boil.
Tom Douglas Salmon Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas Salmon Rub 3.5 ozThe combination of smoked paprika, brown sugar and thyme is the perfect compliment to the Northwest's favorite fish.  It also adds a delicious sweet smoky flavor to pork or chicken.
Tom Douglas Seafood Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas Seafood Rub 3.5 ozDon't be afraid of curry!  This fragrant, mild curry rub married with garlic and chives is delicious on a wide range of seafood such as scallops, whitefish, lobster, shrimp, halibut or crab.  It's also a wonderful compliment to chicken or roasted vegetables.
Tom Douglas Smoked Paprika Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas Smoked Paprika Rub 3.5 ozWe take a sweet domestic paprika, mildly fruity ut with a touch of heat and cold smoke it in small batches over apple wood.

Net weight = .5 oz

Ingredients:  Apple wood smoke paprika
Tom Douglas Smoky Barbecue Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas Smoky Barbecue Rub 3.5 ozTop quality thyme and coriander from the Coachella Valley combined with smoked paprika, chilies and brown sugar make this a terrific all-purpose BBQ blend.
Tom Douglas Steak Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas Steak Rub 3.5 ozThe deep, instense flavors of Ancho chilies and smoked paprika, balanced with garlic & rosemary make this rub a hearty Southwestern complement to your steak.  It's also great on chicken or roasted potatoes.  Don't hesitate trying it on grilled pork tenderloin, too.
Tom Douglas Turkey Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas Turkey Rub 3.5 ozTom Douglas has made a special limited time only turkey rub for the holidays.  In addition to using it on the turkey, try passing it around at the table for a boost of flavor or use it for lefovers like sandwiches, salads, etc.  Just sprinkle it on and enjoy.
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