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BBQ Sauce 16 oz.BBQ Sauce 16 oz.A perfect blend of sweet and tangy ingredients.
Brisket Slather 12 oz
Elki Thai Peanut Sauce / Dip 12 ozELKI THAI PEANUT SAUCE / DIP 12 OZ

The perfect pairing of nutty sweetness and spice.
A delightfully versatile gourmet sauce. 
Elki’s Thai Peanut sauce is beautiful balance of sweet, salty peanut flavors with a spicy kick. This Asian sauce is light enough to use in cooking dishes like chicken or beef satay, or tossed with noodles for an Asian-inspired entrée, and bold enough to use as a party dip for prawns or lettuce wraps. The soft, sweet aromas and spicy finish are sure to inspire even the shyest of cooks!
Elki Thai Sweet Chili Sauce / Dip
Ellbee's Asian Ginger 8 ozEllbee's Asian Ginger 8 oz
Asian Ginger 8oz
For Asian food lovers, it doesn't get any better than this! Fresh ginger and garlic, with a hint of lemon grass and other herbs that will infuse every meal with flavors that rival those of the best Asian chefs.
Ellbee's Chili Lime 8 ozEllbee's Chili Lime 8 oz
Chili Lime 8oz
Tangy lime provides just the right balance for the mild chili pepppers and garlic in this versitile, robust wet rub. Fantastic for burgers, salsa, ethnic dishes, dressings, sauces and dips. We love it in tacos!
Ellbee's Lemon Citrus 8 ozEllbee's Lemon Citrus 8 oz
Lemon Citrus 8 oz
Not your basic lemon pepper. Our unique blend of fresh garlic and herbs rounded out with just the right amount of citrus will have your mouth watering. Great on chicken, fish, seafood, pork tenderloin, chops, green beans and makes a tasty salad dressing.
Ellbee's Original 8 ozEllbee's Original 8 oz
Ellbee's Original 8 oz
Our #1 seller! Packed full of garlic and just the right blend of peppers for the perfect match to any steak, side dish, and don't forget it makes the most amazing garlic bread!
Ellbee's Try-me 4pk 2 ozEllbee's Try-me 4pk 2 oz
Try-me 4pk Griller's Choice 2 oz
Makes a great gift! A great way to explore our Griller's Choice collection flavors: Chili Lime, Asian Ginger, Chipolte Herb, and Sweet & Smokey. We're sending home some great recipe ideas to get you started cooking easy and delicious meats, side dishes, and dips. Try all four and come back for more!
Ellbee's Tucsan 8 ozEllbee's Tucsan 8 oz
Tucsan 8 oz
Created for pasta and potato dishes, this robust blend of garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs will delight your guests. Makes a great fresh dip for vegetables, chips, and don't forget to try it on top of your next baked potato.
Ellbee's Zesty 8 ozEllbee's Zesty 8 oz
Zesty 8 oz
Our Zesty has all the heat with some serious attitude. Zesty has great flavor first and then about 8 seconds you get the heat! Makes great brisket, ribs, pork steaks, chili and always amazes people with the Zesty Garlic Bread!
Fat Bastard Bear BiteFat Bastard Bear BiteBlackberry Barbecue Sauce...Mmmmm!

Rich, luscious, plump & juicy forest fruite, lightly smoked with jump up & bite Cha flavors!

Fabulous flavor for all your grill favorites!  For beef, pork, poultry, shellfish & more!
Fat Bastard Billy B DamnedFat Bastard Billy B Damned"Hotter Than Billy B Damed!"

sssSizzling HOT Habanero Barbecue Sauce!

Definitely Daring!... But not too hot to drown out the bold, unique flavors of this very special blend.  A slow building heat & with a flavor explosion that you just can't stop!

Kickup your beef, pork, poultry & shellfish!  Try for wings, brats, potatoes, eggs, burritos & well,...you make the call!
Fat Bastard Cattle CoverFat Bastard Cattle Cover"Taking Teriyaki To a Whole New Dimension!"

Rich, hot, tomato base blend, an oriental style finishing sauce with a light teriyaki kiss for grilling, marinade & much, much more!

Not what you think when you think...Teriyaki!  For beef, pork, poultry, shellfish, salmon and your stir fry veggies & rice!

Try grilled chicken breast cut bite size, simmer with sauce & top caesar salad!
Fat Bastard Chick DipFat Bastard Chick DipBarbecue Sauce With Attitude!

If you like your sauce a little hot!  Spicy HOT, honey kissed, hickory smoke barbecue sauce...awesome on beef, pork, poultry, shrimp.  Try it with Brats, Wings, Potatoes, Grilled veggies, Eggs, Pizza, Burritos.
Fat Bastard Critical MassFat Bastard Critical MassIF STEAK IS YOUR KING, THIS SAUCE IS THE KING'S CROWN!

French chef inspired!  Decadent, rich port wine & Chocolate steak sauce!

A delightfully unique finishing & Marinade for all steak or beef cuts.  A speical blend of rich flavors and spices with a touch of port wine and a kiss of dark chocolate, a secret ingredient of famouse french chef's sauces!  This specialty blended sauce will embolden the natural beef flavors of your steak!
Fat Bastard HawgwashFat Bastard Hawgwash"This Ain't Your Daddy's Barbecue Sauce!"

Rich, mild and sweet, light hickory smoke barbecue!  For beef, pork, poultry, wild game shrimp, eggs, potatoes, beans, pizza, burritos, french fries!....
Fat Bastard Pepper JaceFat Bastard Pepper JaceRich, hot, vinegar mop & sop sauce or marinade.  For those who love their sauce a little tart!

Sop chopped beef, poultry & pork...or top steaks, wings & many things!  I believe you can...on green eggs & ham!
Fat Bastard Red DragonFat Bastard Red DragonAUTHENTIC JAPANESE FIRE SAUCE!

Outstanding savory sweet & HOT oriental style barbecue sauce.

Rich tomato & soy sauce & vinegar base with sweet brown sugar & specialty spices & peppers.

For all beef, pork, poultry, salmon, shellfish and all vegetarian stir fry.  Use as a marinade over night for steaks, absolutely fabulous!  
Fat Bastard Wild BoarFat Bastard Wild BoarCarolina style spiced bourbon mustard BBQ.
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