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Killian Korn "Original" - Almond, Coconut & PecanKillian Korn "Original" - Almond, Coconut & PecanA scrumtuous blend of select nuts, ribbon coconut and premium popcorn wrapped in a sweet butter glaze.
11 oz
Killian Korn Caramel AlmondKillian Korn Caramel AlmondCaramel Almond - 11 oz

Originally made for Starbucks, this blend of premium caramel popcorn and whole almonds will tantalize your senses.
Killian Korn Caramel AppleKillian Korn Caramel AppleCaramel Apple - 10 oz
Not just for Halloween, this blend of green apple and premium caramel popcorn is great for a harvest party or just a snappy snack.
Killian Korn Honey CashewKillian Korn Honey CashewHoney Cashew - 11 oz

This gourmet concoction combines our sweet butter glaze with farm fresh honey and large whole cashews.
Killian Korn HuckleberryKillian Korn HuckleberryHuckleberry - 10 oz
This yummy delight is bursting with huckleberry flavor.  If you like flavored popcorn you will love this!
Killian Korn MacadamiaKillian Korn MacadamiaA yummy sweet butter glazed popcorn treat with nuts and natural chip coconut.  11 oz
Killian Korn Vanilla CoconutKillian Korn Vanilla CoconutVanilla Coconut - 10 oz

A delicious blend made with our premium popcorn covered in a vanilla glaze with natural chip coconut without nuts.
Toffee Covered Popcorn 13 ozToffee Covered Popcorn 13 ozIngredients:  Premium popping corn, butter (cream, milk, salt) sugar, water, imitation vanilla (water, caramel color, artificial flavor, citric acid & sodium benzoate) (a preservative) and kosher salt.

Contains Milk