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Apricot Preserves 16ozSweet apricots, cooked to perfection into a golden delicious preserve.
Blackberry Preserves 16ozFresh, ripe, juicy blackberries made spreadable with our old southern recipe.
Blueberry Preserves 10.5 Oz All Natural - Gluten Free
Blueberry Preserves 16ozFresh off the bush, these blueberries preserves are bursting with flavor.
Cherry Preserves 16ozLoaded with tons of fresh cherries. It's tart, sweet and delicious.
Fig Preserve with Ginger 10.5 Oz - Gluten Free
Fig Preserves 10.5 Oz All Natural - Gluten Free
Fig Preserves 16ozGrandma's recipe, cooked to perfection and a top seller in this category.
Gala Apple Preserves16ozSweet, tart, orchard fresh apples in a preserve bursting with flavor.
No Sugar Wild Huckleberry Preserves 7.8oz
Organic Tripleberry Preserve 10.5 Oz All Natural Gluten Free
Peach Preserves 10.5 Oz All Natural - Gluten Free
Peach Preserves 16ozTree ripened peaches, sweet and flavorful and cooked to perfection.
Pear Preserves 10.5 Oz Gluten Free
Raspberry Preserves 16ozFresh, red ripe raspberry preserves, rich and wonderful.
Red Raspberry Preserves 10.5 Oz All Natural - Gluten Free
Red Tomato Preserves 16ozYou won't believe it until you try it. Fresh tomatoes made into a delicious spreadable preserve.
Scandianvian Delights Lingonberry Spread 14 ozLingonberry Spread     Jam / Preserves

Grown in Scandinavia, Lingonberries were once a secret to the natives and now have become a favorite in America. Lingonberries look similar to huckleberries or cranberries. Each berry is picked wild and by hand, making them abound with flavor.  Elki's Scandinavian Lingonberry fruit spread has been our most popular preserve since we began importing it since 1984.  Once you've tried it, we believe it will become a favorite staple in your home.  Serve alongside a cheese platter with Elki crackers, use in a panini sandwhich with roast turkey and cambert cheese or spread on a toasted English muffin, scone or as a cheesecake topping.
Seedless Black Raspberry Preserve 10.5 Oz - Gluten Free
Seedless Red Raspberry Preserves 10.5 All Natural - Gluten Free
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