Smallwood's Harvest


Welcome to Smallwood's Harvest
We are open 7 days a week!  Year Round!

As we are known for our wide variety of special foods we have been continuing to work on our online store!
 Hopefully you will find the new Navigation Tabs to the right helpful and easier to use than in the past.  

Simply shop using the " Product Type" tab arrow if  you are looking for a variety of selections (example:  Fruit Butter, Preserves, Sugar Free,  Etc.)

 or if you know who manufacturers the product shop by using the 
"Maker of Product" tab arrow.

The "Search" Bar is also a very helpful tool to use if you do not find it!

 Remember, if you do not see a product you have gotten from us before just call and we would be glad to ship it if it is still on our shelves.